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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing moving company bill of lading template

Instructions and Help about moving company bill of lading template

So today I'd like to talk about moving paperwork no we had started this series on that pyre and there's a couple things I want to clarify I know that there's something called a quote or an ea bill of lading and in order for service and for first time movers or people that are moving for the very first time using a moving company might be a little confusing could you explain the process and what those mean yeah sure it's uh it's definitely very confusing one of the reasons why we have a lot of paperwork because we are licensed New York State or whatever states you might be in licensed movers and based on that we have governing procedures that we have to follow so where we're located in New York there's three things that you're going to get your immediately going to get either what they call an eor a quote and that would be when you request somebody to come to your home and tell you what the price would be an eby nature is going to be that is that a guesa probability of what it'll be at the end typically that would be an hourly rate or that would be if you're going out of state would be based on actual weight the next year we get would be guaranteed quote and that's going to be based on volume and it's going to be the price as the price quote equals you know a steadfast price where starts get confusing after that is once you decide that you want to book in with any specific mover what we have to do by law is send you what we call in order for service and in order for service is basically us connecting to you for your specific move date so for instance you're moving on june first you've gotten a quote in april and you say okay we're going to move forward with you we would send you then in order to service you would sign it basically what you're signing is price that we originally gave you on either the quote or the ethe dates that you're going to be picked up and any other kind of information insurance and stuff like that that's so that you know we're going to show up on the day of the move then once we get to their to your house on the day of the move then we would have what we call a bill of lading which is the actual amount we're going to charge you and it's basically for that day so I mean so a quote and in order for service are typically two two pieces of paper but they can be one they can't be one there they are if you're getting an hourly rate or a weight ratio quote eit's two pieces of paper if you're getting a guaranteed quote it can.