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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing through bill of lading

Instructions and Help about through bill of lading

My name is Ranjit Charles thank you for joining me I'm gonna take a the next few minutes to give you a quick tour of our bill of lading add-in for dynamics Great Plains this Adhan is available for version 10 GP 2021 as well as GP 2021 we're gonna start by going into the sales transaction entry screen within sales order processing of Great Plains and here I'm gonna pull up an order our bill of lading has the ability to to create a bill of lading printout from both an order as well as an invoice for this short tool we're gonna start with an order I'm going to choose an existing order this last one up here three different line items to trigger our bill of lading capability you go under additional and you see our options for setup defining a bill of lading as well as what we call a quick print so here we're gonna do a quick print which as soon as we do this it automatically populates all the information that we have and then allows you to print from here you can now see the word document let's go to preview it's it's a word document that has pretty much you can do anything from here as well as printed like you normally would do from Word so let's go ahead and close this and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take you through let's go ahead and close this bill of lading screen go back to our additional but this time what I'm gonna do is I'm going to turn on what I call immediate print which pretty much skips that old screen scripts the Bill of Lading screen so let's go through a quick print again and you have the Bill of Lading document without going through our Bill of Lading screen where you can see the information that is populated from the order let's go ahead and close this the Bill of Lading actually populates information and I'm going to choose the other bill of lading option where you can actually choose a customer go and choose an order or you know pulling multiple orders this one is saying we don't know where this different order there we pull information from the order as well as an invoice depending on what you choose we actually compute the weight which is stored in the Ida master we also compute the package quantity for example you could have more than one unit in a package and that is defined within the unit of measure scheduled within Great Plains and we use the same unit of measure to actually make the conversion so let's go and take a quick look at that where we define that I'm back at the order we'll click at the item we'll go back to the item master and I can choose the item Bill of Lading screen and here you can see that it's.