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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing who issues bill of lading

Instructions and Help about who issues bill of lading

Hello my name is 22 plane welcome to my class at the University in the lab our subject is international transportation last week we already studied about important position also transport in international trade today we continue to study the most important document of ocean transform anyone can tell me what it is okay it's a bill of lading and here is a real beer plating in practice Alice and today helped you to understand clearly about this ok let's begin our lesson will be divided into five key contains number one who is he beaver bleeding number two when is Bo bleeding issued number three how to make beer bleeding and number four common times up beard leading and finally number five functions up be leading firstly I will give you the definition of beer pleading a beard leading is a receipt of trade goods which had been received or more is a document that established an arrangement between shipper and miner for transportation and now do you know who is he be ablating the carrier the shipper custom officer or someone else the answer is the carrier the carrier he means XI belonging the carrier is you three original views of leading to shipper and now another question when is be bleedin issued is it is right after the cargo stuff into container is it issue after the vessel departs the answer is that'd be letting it sit on the day when the vessel departs so when you see the Bo pleading that that means shipment date it's last night the vessel depart and next we study how to make ability in future when you graduate from university you can get your fork in for acumen division of a shipping line and making Beulah Dean will be your walk every day so pay attention please as usual see Bella has stand up from BL the foam has content as you see in slide and show here and your duty is to get information from cipa to fill in the form number one gear number no standard for be your number it's up to the carrier the carrier can give any number so that they can manage document easily number two Shiva Shiva here means s water you fill in the name and arise up s monster here number three concern he doesn't in here means important you feeling the name and address of important here number four notified party not if a party means someone the Shiva I have to inform about shipment before arrival from number five to number nine are very easy name a vessel place of delivery price of receive a plugin for picture you can get this information from shipper to fill in deal from number ten contender number container number ahead and center it includes four letters and seven digit for example a b lu three two one six eight and number 11 number of original bills of lading is always free.