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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing bill of lading sample pdf

Instructions and Help about bill of lading sample pdf

A bill of lading or bol is a commonly used shipping document this document helps the communication between our clients or the shipper and the carrier or freight company not all of core USA's clients use bill of ladings this video will show you where and how to find out if your client needs you to print the bill of lading you'll need to log into core software to your rep dashboard once on your dashboard you'll scroll down below your current shifts to the shipment grid if you are needed to print a bill of lading it will appear under the bill of lading column you'll see the words in bold download bol click that this will open another tab in your browser and the bill of lading will appear you will need to print this document and bring it in with you for the wrap up of your event it is crucial that you don't forget we recommend even bringing it in as soon as it's posted on your shipment grid you will then clearly and securely adhere this bill of lading to the outside of your wrapped up display we also recommend that you tell the costco manager that you have the bill of lading or this client in case they have any special directions for you once you've printed it you can X out and go back to your shipment grid we then require you to leave a note to do this click in the empty quick note field found here to leave a note click Add note if it's important you can flag it put a subject include your full message the message may say I received the bill of lading and I have printed it it allows you to attach a file if needed and in this case the resolve the resolution is not necessary for you to fill out you then can click OK your note will now appear under the shipment notes to go back to your shipment list click back to shipment list and that's all that's needed you now know how to look for a bill of lading as what to do with it.